Thank you for helping all the users of AudioRelay. 😀

Feel free add new translations or vote on existing ones.

If you are using AudioRelay in a language completely translated, please let me know if you see errors or inconsistencies (in English too!).

Translators, here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Please suggest an alternative if you see anything wrong (adding a comment with it could be a good idea)

- If appropriate, respect the original punctuation (if there's no dot on the original text, do you really need to add one?)

- When unsure, prefer skipping instead of adding a potentially inexact translation

- Please don't "blindly" use machine translation tools

- There's sentences with text that will be replaced when the application is run. For example "Brian is in <xliff:g id="room">%1$s</xliff:g>" could be displayed as "Brian is in the kitchen". The whole <xliff:g>...</xliff:g> needs to be copied in the translation as is. But you need to correctly place it so that the sentence makes sense.

You can contact me at asapha@audiorelay.net.

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